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Keep your home running even when energy supply is erratic. With our solar panels, we are confident that you will never worry about power outages. SPS wants you to enjoy power stability.

With us you are able to use the energy you need when you need it. The sun produces clean energy that is converted to electricity for your home, ensuring that your homes are powered at all times. At SPS, we offer tailor made energy solutions to suit your home needs, whatever they may be.



Our off-grid solutions completely ends your dependency on the national grid for electricity. Our solar energy system generates all the energy you need for your home. Excess energy generated is stored in batteries for emergency situations ensuring you have access to clean energy at all times.


SPS offers you the most cost-effective back up to conventional energy supply. With our hybrid solutions, the national grid is not your only source of electricity. Our solar energy system supplements your traditional energy supply, ensuring reduced energy costs and helps to maintain energy stability in your home. With our Hybrid systems you have the ability to use electricity generated by both our Solar system a the national grid. Ideal for homes not looking to go off-grid but manage their energy costs. Also an avenue for homes looking to explore clean energy solutions.


• Project Feasibility

• Financial Planning

• Installation

• Maintenance




Control energy costs and save.



Ready to power your home through any outage.



Powerful and quiet.




Control energy costs & save money

Both our hybrid and off-grid energy solutions reduce the amount of money spent on conventional electricity and gives you control over your energy cost. Your solar energy system saves you money to spend on other things besides utilities.

Help the environment

Our solar panels helps you save the planet. By making use of the sunlight to generate electricity, you join the global campaign to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

Energy Independence

With either our off-grid or hybrid solutions you reduce or completely eliminate your dependency on the national grid.


• We are the first and the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the West African Region.

• Our solar panels are produced in our state of the art solar factory.

• Our solar panels meet global ISO and IEC standards of quality.

• We have over 20 satellite offices across the country, giving us the opportunity to serve our clients anywhere in Ghana.

• All our products come with product and service warranty.

• We have installed over 300 MWp for both private and government institutions within the West African sub region.

• We have a factory production capacity of 162 MW.



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